6 Easy Ways to Cut Plastic

We at A,D8 UK Limited are working really hard behind the scenes to make our properties as eco friendly as we can. We are taking advice from the Energy Performance Rating certificates on being more energy efficient, we're making sure as many properties as possible are on green and renewable energy tariffs and we're currently working making our cleaning routine and general hygiene as green and as plastic free as we can.

But what can you do on a day to day basis or when you're staying at one of our properties to limit your plastic use? Here are our top 6 ways to ditch the plastic.

1 - Ditch plastic shopping bags

We are all on the band wagon of using re-usable shopping bags, which is amazing. But did you bring them on holiday? Likely not! A,D8 supplies shopping trolleys in each property so you can ditch the plastic bags altogether and not spend your holiday money on more plastic shopping bags. Another alternative is to use your hand luggage case and if it's on wheels, even better!

2 - Invest in a bamboo toothbrush

Head on over to your closest health store whether it's a local independent or the good old Holland and Barrett and grab yourself a bamboo toothbrush. You'll feel good about yourself brushing your pegs knowing that your small action has made an impact on the reduction of plastic. The next time you see a photo of a turtle with a toothbrush up its nose you'll be certain it wasn't yours!

3 - buy shampoo in bars rather than bottles

Ditching the single use plastic shampoo bottles for a shampoo bar is great for the environment but they also don't count towards your liquid allowance on flights either...win win!
Check out this Boots guide to using shampoo bars and the best ones to buy here

4 - Reusable Take Out Coffee Cups

Although coffee cups appear to be paper, many have plastic linings on the inside and don't forget the coffee lid. Now it pays for you to take your own reusable coffee cup, which you can easily grab at a supermarket, with many coffee shops taking a small amount off your coffee bill. It's a great incentive to cut the takeaway cups saving both parties money and harming the environment.

5 - carry a REUSABLE water bottle

Plastic drinks bottles are the single biggest contributor to single use plastic waste in the world. Carrying a reusable water bottle is not only better for the environment it's better for your pocket too!

Winchester has signed up to the Refill scheme so wherever you see this sign in shop windows or restaurants/bars etc. you know you can refill for free. There is also a free water fountain in Abbey Gardens. Look out for the Refill sign or download the app to find free refills wherever you go refill.org.uk

6 - Never buy black plastic

Many microwaveable meals, meats and frozen foods come in black plastic containers. The recycling industry is amazing at recycling most plastic but black plastic currently cannot be recycled. Until the big supermarkets stop using black plastic, the easiest way to tackle this is to avoid buy foods in black plastic. You're on holiday anyway, so head out to a restaurant or a pub and have a meal cooked for you.