Marwell Zoo

Family Fun

Do your little ones like to get up-close-and-personal with some of the world's most rare and exotic animals? At Marwell Zoo your kids will encounter all kinds of animals from endangered Amur tigers to majestic snow leopards, Marwell is the perfect opportunity for fun family day out.

Do your children like to run wild and let off energy? Marwell is the perfect opportunity with over 140 acres of land. Your little ones can have fun whilst simultaneously learning about the hundreds of animals, you will probably find yourself learning something new as well!

Adventure playgrounds

Do your children like to swing, climb, run and slide? Let your children run wild like no tomorrow just like the animals in the four adventure playgrounds they have on offer. Do you like taking time out for a well deserved break? Do you have grumbling tummies? Do you need to refuel the kids? Adjoining the playgrounds are picnic benches and cafes providing the opportunity for a quick refreshment or snack, also giving you the chance to take a time out.

Different playgrounds recommended for different ages, before your visit have a look at the four different playgrounds and see which is best for your family.

Fur, Feather & Scales - 4-10 years old

Fur, Feathers & Scales - 2-6 years old

Life Among the Trees - 6-14 years old

Penguin Cove - 0-6 years old

Wild Explorers - 6-12 years old