8 Top Tips to Keep Organised Over Christmas

Here at A,D8 we love to be extra organised and we know how difficult it can be to keep on top of everything over Christmas. It is a very busy time of year for us as we're sure it is a very busy time of year for you too. So how do you keep on top of all the Christmas to-dos over the next 32 days! Yes, just 32 days! Here are our 8 top tips to keep your head above water.

1. Start Planning Now

32 days! We may not have hit December yet and it may be considered at 'too early' but we have Black Friday today, Cyber Monday on 26th November. You could save yourself some serious money by planning your Christmas presents and purchasing over this weekend.

2. Keep a list

And check it twice! Food list and a present list. That's all you need to get yourself organised. Plan your Christmas dinner and lunchtime buffets by writing down every essential item you need. Build upon the list with the desired items that are a nice touch but won't be missed. With your present list, create some simple coloumns for name, address, sending a card, the present to buy and whether you have bought it.

3. Shop online

A great way to tackle your present list is to get online but start purchasing as soon as possible as Christmas post can sometimes get delayed. This weekend is a great weekend to purchase most of your presents with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Many local independent shops join in the Black Friday deal and most offer a buy-online option so you can still keep local from your home.

4. Wrap and label immediately

When you have purchased your presents wrap and label them immediately. A large mound of unwrapped and unlabelled gifts turns into a job you'll keep putting off. Wrap each present as soon as you've purchased them and ensure to label them so you know who's is who's. Keep them in piles or separate bags ready for delivery.

5. Order in your turkey

Pick up the blower and order your Christmas turkey right now. Get the order as early as possible to secure your centre piece. If you're in Winchester with us this Christmas then call Barlows, a lovely local butcher with free range Turkeys.

6. Stock up the dry store

While it's early and the supermarket shelves are full, stock up on the long life options. You can pick up all your alcohol, fizzies, gravy, cranberry sauce, biscuits, chutneys, chocolate boxes and all so when it comes to purchase the fresh food closer to Christmas you can be in and out as quick as possible.

7. Stock up on batteries

You're going to need batteries. Batteries for fairy lights, batteries for remote controls, batteries for toys. Prevent any unhappy children or grumpy grandpas on Christmas Day because the TV won't turn on or there's no batteries for the new electronic Peppa Pig sing-along karaoke.

8. Have a spring clean

Clear some space a week or so before the big event starts so you feel refreshed and unclogged. Clear out any old half-used bathroom bottles and give to charity any old toys or clothes the children no longer use. It's a great excuse to de-clutter your life and when the new gifts come in you know you have a home waiting for them.

Or Take A Holiday

Alternatively, if it's all too much bother for you, treat yourself to a Christmas break where all you'll need to worry about is what to wear at your Christmas lunch and have you packed your slippers? Book the traditional cosy lodge, No.17 The Green, South Winchester Lodges, and secure yourself dinner on Christmas day at The Kings Head, Hursley, just a 5 minute drive. The Christmas lunch is available between 12 and 3pm and must be booked in advance. The Winchester Cathedral has services on over Christmas Day that are open to the public.

No. 17 The Green has 3 gorgeous bedrooms so after a quiet Christmas day, you could invite the family and friends over for a boxing day meal in the fully equipped kitchen and some Christmas films. Drop us an email here to enquire about our Christmas prices.