Safety First Auto Close Gate

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all safety 1st wall fix safety gates fit the same space?

  • We recommend that you measure your opening before you buy your safety gate. The U-Pressure Fit Auto Close gate fits openings between 73cm and 80cm without the need for extensions. If you have an opening which is larger than 80cm, you can use the following extensions: U-Pressure Fit Extension 7cm, 14cm and 28cm. The gate can be extended up to 136cm.

How do I maintain my gate?

  • Wash with a sponge and mild soap. Remember that all mechanical products need regular maintenance and careful use if they are to provide maximum satisfaction and last a long time

What is a U-Pressure fit gate?

  • U-Pressure Fit gates are the quickest and easiest to assemble and do not require drilling into the wall. The, U shape makes the frame safer and more stable while the 4 pressure points mean the gate fits securely in the opening.

When should I start to use the safety gate U-Pressure fit auto close?

  • For use when children and pets are staying. Install and use the Auto Close safety gate as soon as you arrive.