5 ways to bring nature 

into your life

Getting back to Nature

If there's one thing we can all do after the horrendous last couple of years it's get back to nature and let it nurture our souls.

Even before the dreaded Covid-19 hit the globe, too many of us were feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and just plain frazzled. Now add in shell-shocked and in many cases suffering the real trauma of all that has happened. 

Obviously we're not saying getting back to nature will make everything better again, it really does help calm the mind and nourish the soul. So here are our top tips for getting more nature in your life.

One way to get more nature into your life is to set aside time to visit somewhere different each season, that way you’re guaranteed 4 different new places each year without even really thinking about it.

Winchester is beautiful in all seasons but the city parks look amazing in Summer with all the lush green leaves, and again in the autumn as the leaves all turn golden, red and orange. Slightly further out of Winchester is Winnall Moors with its ever changing colours of the seasons and the beautiful waterway that teams with life in and out of the water all year round. From toads and herons to bats and deer, there’s always something to see.

Winnall Moors Nature Reserve

2. Exercise outdoors 

Movement of any kind is great for mind and body so why not take your exercise session into the garden. A gentle yoga session, a fiery pilates session or even a full on weights session is always better in the fresh air. Many of our rental properties have private outside spaces so you can always get your exercise on whilst you’re away.

If cycling or running is more your thing make sure you get off the static bike and treadmill and get outside instead. There are so many great places to cycle and run in Winchester, whether you’re looking for fast tarmac around the city or a more challenging off road ride or run, Winchester has it all.

Cycling around Winchester 

3. Walk 

If high octane exercise isn’t for you then walking most definitely should be. The ancient art of walking is not only what sets us apart from all animals, it’s also the single most beneficial thing we can all do for mind and body. It can lower blood pressure, stave off depression, increase life expectancy and make us all just that little bit more creative! Walking is a wonder drug that is free and available to everybody whether you use your own two feet or need assistance in some way to get you moving. 

There are some amazing walks in and around Winchester so slap on your boots and get going!

Hiking around Winchester

4. Nurture Nature

Whether you plants seeds to grow your own food or just to have plants to look at, it’s been proven that nurturing nature makes us happier and healthier. Quite apart from the fact that plants extract CO2 from the atmosphere making our air cleaner and purer, the act of growing and looking after plants is enough to give us a sense of purpose and help us care for others. It can also give us new friends through seed and plant swaps and just bumping into the same faces at the garden centre. 

5. take up an outdoor hobby

Now we could have gone very crude here and I’m sure you’ve all had the same thought but actually we were talking about bird watching!

There are some fantastic places to bird watch in Winchester. From spotting the peregrines at Winchester Cathedral to spotting Buzzards, Kestrels, Green Woodpeckers, Bullfinch and Linne at St Catherine's Hill just outside the city. If you’re lucky you could also spot Yellowhammers, Whitethroats and a few Lesser Whitethroats.

Hampshire Ornithological Society 

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