Assistance Dogs

A question we regularly get asked is do we allow assistance dogs into our rental properties?

And the short answer is yes.

Although only 2 of our properties allow pets, all of our properties allow assistance dogs.

Assistance dogs are defined as dogs that have been trained in order to provide assistance to disabled people or those with certain medical conditions such as epilepsy. 

Assistance Dogs

Assistance Dogs

We do not ask anyone to disclose medical history in order to bring an assistance dog to any of our properties, but we may ask these questions in order to gain knowledge of the person and their assistance dog: 


While staying in our properties, the owner of the assistance dog is responsible for the care and supervision of the animal at all times, including toileting, grooming and feeding, and no animals should ever be left at an A,D8 UK Limited property unattended.

As with all pets in our properties, the owner of the assistance dog is responsible for any damage the dog may cause to the property.

On a very rare occasion, we may have to ask a guest with a disability to remove their assistance dog from our property if the animal is not house trained or if the guest is unable to control it.


Although we do recommend bringing your assistance dog’s own supplies, we are able to provide an animal bed and designated food and water bowls that are washed and disinfected between guests if so requested.

What we provide for our guests with assistance dogs:


Even though we welcome assistance dogs into all our properties, we are fully aware that other guests staying in our properties may have an allergy to pet hair.

Please be aware that we take cleaning our properties very seriously at all times but after a dog has stayed in any of our properties we make sure that extra cleaning is undertaken to eliminate any traces of animal from the premises so everyone can feel safe staying at an A,D8 UK Limited house or apartment.


If you have any queries regarding assistance dogs at our properties, or would like to book your assistance dog in, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.