A Unique Dining Experience

There is a hidden gem in Winchester away from your Rick Stein, your River Cottage and Brasserie Blanc fine dining restaurants.

You don't have to get dressed up to dine there

(although can if you want of course!)

and it's still slap bang in the middle of the eating action on Parchment Street.

Welcome to Piecaramba!

Piecaramba sell one thing to eat...pie, and delicious pie it is too.

From just pie to the massive Piescraper with everything in between.

Serving up a great selection of savoury pies including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.

The pie isn't the end of it though.

Piecaramba! have designed a whole dining experience.

Every table has a deck of Top Trumps - Pirates of the Caribbean was our favourite but we found Hello Kitty too if that's more your thing, the walls are covered in replica comic strips and if you fancy a bit of light reading there are comics for you to read at your table.

The best is yet to come though!

Once you've devoured your pie and pint (yes pint but also available in a pot) of builders tea, you may need to use the smallest room in the house.

In the toilet you share the space with a lifesize Supergirl and a Darth Vader's helmet hand dryer, but that all just adds to the Piecaramba! experience.

Piecaramba! - Winchester's unique dining experience.

Stay Close

No.18 St Peter Street is just a 4 minute walk from the indulgent Piecaramba. Also, it is conveniently located next to the Discovery centre and Theatre Royal. This property is ideal for an older couple who would like access to all the amazing activities in Winchester within walking distance. There is parking allocated for 1 car.

No.18 St Peter Street provides all the amenities including a 42" TV, Wifi, flat entrance into apartment and a meet and greet with the wonderful owners of the property.