Autumn days in Winchester

Autumn can be a great time to travel and explore as the big crowds have died down, the heat of summer has lessened but we haven't yet got the chill of winter yet...perfect!

What is going on in Winchester this autumn though? We're here to let you know!

Winchester Science Centre & Planetarium

Science Spooktacular

On every weekend throughout October and everyday through half term.

Night Sky Live

Tuesday 17 October at 6:30pm

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878 AD Immersive experience

A brand new immersive experience right in the heart of Winchester.

The year is 878. Winchester’s future hangs in the balance. Its fate depends on Alfred’s victory – or defeat. Relive the atmosphere of the city and discover the stories of the people who lived in it as they anxiously await the outcome of the Battle of Edington. 

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king alfred weekend 2023

October 20 - 22

The Hyde900 King Alfred Weekend is held annually to commemorate the anniversary of the King’s death on 26th October 899 which, this year, falls on a Thursday.

As the lay church for the Abbey, St Bartholomew’s has long marked the occasion. Since the Hyde Abbey 900th anniversary celebrations in 2010, Hyde900 has organised an annual programme celebrating the Hyde area history which we have uncovered – along with more contemporary events, including music, talks and walking tours conducted by a local expert.

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winchester city museum

Vile Victorian Surgery Workshop - 23 October

This historical Halloween workshop is sure to provide your seasonal dose of child-friendly gore. Get hands on identifying herbs and spices, linking symptoms to cures, and even amputating an arm...yes, you read that right!

Interactive performances will take place at 11:00am, 1:00pm and 3:00pm. These times may vary slightly depending on audience numbers, but Dr Halifax will be roaming around all day.

Interactive Ghost Stories-  29 October

This event will give you the chance to discover the city's spine-tingling past, with stories including King Alfred the Great, who managed to stop the Vikings from taking over Winchester, to Alice Lisle, who was accused of treason and executed near the museum. All this and so much more!

The tour will include live actors who will deliver the stories in a theatrical and fun way, and there may be some surprises along the way! The tour includes ghost stories combined with a bit of history - there's something for everyone, and the kids will love it!

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The Arc

Alice In Wonderland - 29 October at 2pm

Drawing on the wealth of peculiar episodes from both Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, Box Tale Soup invite you down the rabbit hole into a timeless world of wondrous fantasy.

Carroll's Wonderland floods onto the stage in a whirl of strange contraptions and curious characters. No matter how young or old, everyone will find their own moment of magic in Wonderland and make it safely home again – the only danger is, you may not want to leave!

Casting the Runes - 29 October at 7pm

You are invited to the edge of your seat, on a journey to the darkest corners of the night.

Expert on the so-called supernatural, Edward Dunning is a scholar and a sceptic. But when he crosses paths with the mysterious Mr. Karswell, Dunning's life becomes a waking nightmare.

This is achilling new adaptation of M.R. James' classic ghost stories featuring remarkable puppetry and a haunting original soundtrack. Our advice? Don't come alone...

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