Conquering Dry January

Whether you're a binge drinker or simply enjoy a Friday evening glass of wine with a meal, if you want to cut out your alcohol then dry January can be the motivational month to do it. Christmas and New Year can be heavily alcohol fuelled and if you got a couple of pressies from friends and family it's likely you got a bottle of wine or a nice fancy gin. We have 5 top tips on sticking to dry January and great places to go in Winchester to have a memorable evening out without alcohol!

Top 5 tips on sticking to dry January

Hide all your Christmas alcohol

Take any bottles, cans or kegs of the tempting alcohol and hide it. Leave at a friend's house, put it in the attic, stow it away deep in the depths of the garden shed. Out of sight, out of mind. You'll find it much easier to nail dry January when you don't have to look at alcohol all the time.

Virgin Mojitos, Lavendar Lemonades ... explore the world of Mocktails

If you don't want to miss out on a social then get stuck into the world of Mocktails. Mixologists are incredibly creative when it comes to alcohol-free cocktails and can tantalise your taste buds without getting drunk. Incognito and Cabinet Rooms are quirky cocktail bars in Winchester that are very attentive to their customer's needs and could shake you up a delicious drink in minutes. If mocktails aren't your thing and you crave a good pint then try Becks blue as an alcohol free alternative!

Find a new 'treat'

Caffeine, sugar, an early night. When you take away your treat it's a good idea to replace it with something else so you feel rewarded at the end of each alcohol free day. Discover the artistic world of coffee and pay the extra pennies for a smoother roast. Head to Coffee Lab for some amazing latte art or perhaps and delicious wedge of three tiered cake from The Bridge Patisserie will be your treat. Or simply an early night and a hangover free morning might be enough for you to feel rewarded.

Track your progress

Download the dry January app and everyday tick off a successful day if you haven't had any alcohol. Every day you tick off one box is one less day till the end of January. It is around this time, 10 - 14 days in, that you will find it the most difficult so you need extra motivation! The dry January app is fantastic for motivational tips, statistics and keeping you on track.

Feel the benefits

It won't take long for you to feel the benefits of going alcohol free. If you're doing dry January for health benefits it will help you sleep better, have more energy, your skin will appear brighter and you may lose weight. After 1 month you will be feeling rejuvenated and you may not even want to go back to alcohol. You will have trained your brain to say no, find alternatives and beat your cravings. And don't forget the money you'll save!

Dry Winchester

If you're visiting Winchester and you are looking for some alcohol-free activities to do in the evenings then check out these things-to-do in Winchester! Our beautiful No. 81 Tower Street property is right in the city centre and we have added walking distance times to each activitiy.

Enjoy the Theatre

Head to Theatre Royal and see what's on from comedy nights to music, dance, children's performances and pantomine. The Theatre is a fantastic evening out that doesn't require alcohol. Grab yourself a lemonade and enjoy an evening of entertainment presented by the talented actors, dancers and comedians of Winchester.

See what's on at Theatre Royal here.

1 minute walk from No. 81 Tower Street

Pig out at Everyman Cinema

We love Everyman Cinema because you can watch the latest movies out in supreme comfort with delicious food delivered to you. Replace your alcohol cravings with an engrossing film and delicious pizza, sharing platters, ice-cream sundaes and freshly baked hot cookie dough at amazingly reasonable prices! After an evening at Everyman you'll just want a food nap.

See what's on at Everyman Cinema here.

9 minute walk from No. 81 Tower Street

See What's On at The Guildhall

For a daytime activity, The Guildhall have some very informative shows on during January including the The Vegan Show and The Health Hub. Both of these exhibitions could take your mind off dry January and allow you to meet like minded people focusing on health. Pick up lots of leaflets, chat to local businesses and enjoy and foodie freebies they may be handing out.

See what's on at The Guildhall here.

10 minute walk from No. 81 Tower Street

Spa Day

As previously mentioned, when you take away something you consider a treat you should replace it with an alternative so you still feel rewarded. And what's a better reward than a full body massage, an afternoon tea and some downtime in a Jacuzzi. Hit up Winchester Hotel & Spa for a daytime retreat then relax at your private serviced apartment by A,D8.

See spa days at The Winchester Spa here.

9 minute walk from No. 81 Tower Street

Stay Close

Visiting Winchester during January is a fantastic way to beat the New Year blues. Stay in the heart of the city at the luxury No. 81 Tower Street town house for easy access to the cities entertainment.

A beautiful 3 bedroom house allows plenty of room for the whole family or bring your dry January buddies. With free parking bring the car or the train station is just a 6 minute walk! This property is highly sought after due to the stylish interior, spacious rooms and city centre location so contact us today.