Solo Travelling

Travelling is great for the mind and soul, seeing new and exciting places can be great for your wellbeing but what if you have no one to go travelling with? Solo travelling isn’t as scary as it sounds and you can even make some new lifelong friends that have the shared experience of travel.

Safety is a big thing for solo travellers though for obvious reasons, even more important than those travelling with others. So how do you stay safe whilst still having a great time?


Your safety starts before you’ve even left home. Research the area you are travelling to:

Also before you leave home make sure you have travel insurance that covers all the activities you wish to partake in as well as all medical bills

Lastly make sure you arrive at the accommodation during daylight.


Pack light so you know you can easily carry your own luggage and keep all your technology (smartphones, tablets, cameras etc.), and important documents (passport, tickets) in handheld luggage kept with you all times.

Make sure your luggage is identifiable as yours but do not put either your home address or holiday accommodation address on any luggage labels. It might be a good idea to put your name, address and contact number inside your case just in case it does go astray and you need to identify it’s yours.

If you’re travelling by train make sure your luggage is in sight at all times.

Safety Whilst Away

Although we live in an age of social media it’s good practice to not announce on social media exactly where you are staying and that you are alone. Do make sure you personally tell friends/family where you are staying though and emergency contact numbers for the accommodation and yourself.

You’re on holiday yes but as a lone traveller make sure you limit your alcohol so you are always in control. Drink water in-between alcoholic drinks and never leave your drink unattended for any length of time.

Always keep your belongings close to you and any important documents either in a safe if your accommodation provides one, in a hidden part of your case left in your property or safely in a bag about your person. If you do carry your documents on day trips make sure they are not in a bag that can be easily snatched.

When you go out for the day, always leave a light on in your accommodation. If you are staying in an apartment/house this will make sure it looks like someone is in the property but also it helps when returning at night to have a light on.

Before you leave for the day, plan how you will get back to your accommodation and download any taxi apps you may need in advance and never take too much cash out with you.

Lastly make sure you check in with loved ones along the way so someone knows where you are at all times.

Lone travelling can be great fun but common sense is key and just stay alert

Remember, most criminals are opportunists so just don’t give them the opportunity!

At A,D8 we offer in person check-in and we’re always on hand in an emergency. Winchester is a safe city to visit with a low crime rate and well lit walkways at night so is the perfect place to trial a solo visit.

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