Veganuary in Winchester

New Year 2019 and the hot trend is veganism. Sticking with New Years resolutions can be difficult but with the Veganuary starter kit it's easier than ever to smash your vegan goals!

When you're on holiday or visiting Winchester it can be hard to stay on track with your new vegan journey when you don't know the city. So we're here to help point you to the best places to eat vegan in Winchester.


Places to find a vegan breakfast in Winchester

Photo by Rawberry

The Old Gaol House - Wetherspoons - Yep, 100% serious a vegan breakfast is £3.50. Quick, easy, cheap and unhealthy - ideal to satisfy those cravings for the vegans who love to eat and aren't counting the calories. Hash browns, beans, tomatoes, toast, mushrooms ... it's got all the essentials!

Thrive Cafe & Wellbeing - for the healthy vegans who are having a wellness overhaul. An independently owned vegetarian cafe with a community focus. Offers salads, brunch, raw cakes, craft beer and wine. Has non-dairy milk and gluten-free options.

Coffee Lab - If you're replacing meat and cheese cravings with coffee and sugar then the Coffee Lab has beautifully smooth, rich coffee and decadent, indulgent vegan cakes. Ideal for an elevenses!

Rawberry - a great place for healthy vegans needing a refreshing, nutritionally dense breakfast. The breakfast menu is vast you'll want to order one of everything. From overnight almond oats, avocado on sourdough toast to Chocoberry cacao porridge with berries and seeds. Feel zingy and healthy after a visit to Rawberry, and totally hipster!


Places to find a vegan lunch in Winchester

Photo by @southseawanderer

Piecaramba! - Could also be a dinner time venue but to fit in all this eating hit Piecaramba! at lunch time for a mouth-watering hot crispy filled veg pie and vegan mash potato. Our favourite is the Porky Pie filled with BBQ jackfruit that tastes just like pulled pork. Delicious!

Pret A Manger - a great pit stop for quick served retail food. Pret have a few vegan sandwiches and rolls on offer, our favourite is the avocado, sundried tomato and rocket roll. Vegan chocolate coconut snacks will settle the sweet craving with a soya latte. Lunch complete.

Wagamamas - In 2018 wagamamas released their vegan menu and it certainly lived up to expectations. Their thai food is renowned for being, quick, authentic and full of flavour. Anything with pickled ginger and we're there! If you're going down the vegan junk food route hit up the Yasai Yaki Soba with rice noodles or if you're trying to shed the Christmas pounds the new Tofu Harusame Glass Noodle Salad has all the flavour without the calories!

Leaf & Bean - a lovely traditional family run cafe in Winchester with homemade delights. You'll find huge cakes and delicious bagels worth tucking into at reasonable prices. Leaf & Bean are great at tailoring to your dietary needs and the super friendly staff are very approachable.


Places to find a vegan dinner in Winchester

Photo by Manow Thai

The Stable - The Stable has a great atmosphere and focuses solely on great ciders, pizza and pie. They know what they do well and stick to it. The hazelnutter pizza is our absolute favourite with vegan cheese, roasted hazelnuts, caramelised onion and spinach. It's just the best!

Pizza Hut - Pizza Hut's menu may not be shouting about the vegan cheese available but they certainly do have it so order the veggie pizza and ask about the vegan cheese. These fully loaded pizzas are great for hungry children to share and they won't even know it's vegan!

Manow Thai - A humble family run restaurants delivering impeccable Far East cuisine that will wow you with flavour! They have an amazing vegetable section they can tailor to make vegan and they can offer their food as a takeaway so if you're not feeling the sit down restaurant vibe, take your thai home and slob out in front the TV.

The Golden Lion - classic pub food. Sometimes it's intimidating going into a traditional pub and asking for a vegan menu while ordering your pints. But the Golden Lion offer a vegan and a gluten free menu so don't be afraid to ask and get your hearty pub food fix. Vegan Burgers and Beers for everyone!

Our A,D8 Marketing Assistant, Charlotte, has been vegan for 2 and a half years so understands the how difficult it can be to stick to Veganuary and eating out is top of the list. Over the 2 years Charlotte has noticed a huge increase of accessible vegan foods and Winchester is a hot place to be. Eating vegan can be eye-opening to new flavours and refreshing new feelings when wonderful local caterers such as Manow Thai, Rawberry and Thrive cafe offer beautiful healthy dishes. If you would like any further recommendations about eating vegan in Winchester email Charlotte directly at