who are a,d8 uk limited?

We haven't introduced ourselves for a while so here's a quick guide to who we are, what we do and why we're so good at it!

Who are we?

A,D8 UK Limited was set up by Desiree Ratcliffe in 2005. Our first property was in Cannon Street, Winchester and our second in St. John Street a year later. Our first guest was so impressed with what we were doing she decided to buy two flats in Belgarum Place while her sons were at Winchester College and asked us to manage them as holiday lets. 

A,D8 UK Limited doesn't have any of it's own properties now choosing instead to manage and market properties on behalf of our fabulous private clients, just like we did for our very first guest.

Our properties are right here in the heart of England's ancient capital, Winchester UK, in highly sought after city centre locations.

What we Specialise in

Our serviced apartments in Winchester are for the "longer than a few nights" stay for corporate and business travellers who require more privacy and independence and a home like environment than a hotel room just can't offer. We do however, offer the same level of housekeeping, and concierge service if requested.

We also offer that same level of service to leisure travellers who come to Winchester for a variety of reasons.

Who stays with us?

We have had all sorts through our doors and welcome everyone.
Our guests are professionals - actors, doctors, clergymen, commissioned military officers, scientists, educators, lawyers, tech people, telecoms professionals, trades people (shop fitters, electricians, plumbers) and many more.

Our guests are also parents, families, couples, friends, extended families - in fact, people just like you!

Why people stay with us

Guests stay in our serviced apartments for business or whilst relocating to live and work on contract or permanently in Winchester as well as just for a holiday.

Lawyers and barristers like our serviced apartments and holiday cottages as they are very near to the Winchester Law Courts so they can walk to court and then they can walk to a restaurant after a hard day in front of the judge, returning to their private self contained accommodation to unwind and prepare for the next day in court.

Parents who are visiting children attending the private boarding schools of Winchester College, St Swithuns, Peter Symonds or more grown up children studying at Winchester University or Winchester School of Art love how central our properties are. They also like the private space to see their children and cook meals for them whilst they're staying.

Our accommodation in Winchester is great if you are having to relocate to the area or perhaps while your house is undergoing refurbishment (sometimes unexpectedly) as it has a lot more space than a hotel room for yourself and to store more some of your things. Plus you've still got all the comforts of home like a fully equipped kitchen and living space.

Serviced accommodation in Winchester is great for family or friend groups who require a short stay while visiting friends and relatives who live in Winchester (the Wintonians) or family gatherings such as weddings, christenings and birthdays.

Our properties are also great bases for exploring the history of Winchester - the Great Hall, Winchester Cathedral and St Catherine's Hill. Our self catering holiday cottages, holiday rentals and holiday apartments in Winchester are perfect for tourists and visitors who like to "live like a local" while exploring and experiencing the city.

Families on a budget or with children also love our vacation rentals because it makes their life easier for them when looking after the children and eating in. There's so much more space than a hotel room and much more like home.

A new breed of guest is popping up now too. The digital nomad. Those who have sold their bricks and mortar homes and are embarking on a life working online and living wherever the fancy takes them but want more than just a room and a bathroom.

We're sure you've got a great reason to visit Winchester so why not book your accommodation now.

All our properties can be booked on our booking site rentals.winchester.a-d8.com
where you'll save up to 30% off the likes of booking.com and airbnb