Why stay with us?

What makes a stay in an A,D8 UK Limted property?

The options when you go away for business or leisure are hotel, B&B or a rental home. 

So why do we know staying with us in an A,D8 UK Limited rental home is better than staying anywhere else?

Well here are the reasons


With our rental homes you get the whole property to yourself. That means you get a living space, a space to cook, a space to eat, a space to wash and a space to sleep all under the same roof. It means if you’re travelling with family or colleagues you each have your own space but you can all come together in a communal space that’s not a cafe or restaurant too. It means you can kick back and relax, together or alone, in comfort.


Our rental homes are all set up for total privacy from us and other people staying with us. You get the whole property to yourself so no public corridors between your bed and your breakfast, no having to invite colleagues or family into your sleeping space just to spend time together and our cleaners won’t turn up at 9am in the morning trying to gain access to your space

Home comforts

With an A,D8 UK Limited property each property is a home. You can chill out on the sofa and watch Netflix or you can curl up in bed with a hot chocolate. All our properties have washing machines so you can pack less as you can wash as you go. Plus all our properties also have a fully equipped kitchen with all the pans, crockery and cutlery you’ll need along with full size fridges, ovens, hobs and microwaves so no more having to eat pot noodles in your one room!

Home comforts are especially important if you’re staying away from home for any length of time. You need to know you can still keep healthy and relax properly when you’re away.


Even though all A,D8 UK Limited properties are homes from home, that doesn’t mean you won’t get the same service you can in a hotel. All our properties are cleaned to a very high standard before each stay. Longer stays can also have in-stay cleans too. We can also recommend places to eat and things to do as well as help you find where you need to be, all you need to do is ask.

Staying in

With all of the above - space, privacy and home comforts it means there is no need to go out all the time either. Especially if you’re staying with us for work you may want to just chill on the sofa with food rather than going out to eat. Or you may want to cook a family meal for everyone. With an A,D8 UK Limited rental you can do just that.

To book your next stay in Winchester in an A,D8 UK Limited property just head to our rentals page here